summon (v.) [ˋsʌmən]

to order someone to come to a place;to officially order someone to come to a court of law

The smell summoned up memories of family holidays by the sea.

relish (v.) [ˈrelɪʃ]

To get great or satisfaction from something.

He drank up the wine with relish.

murky (adj.) [ˈmɜrki]

dark and difficult to see through; involving dishonest or illegal activities that are kept secret [= shady]

The laws on intellectual property are murky.

slacken (v.) [ˈslækən]

to become looser, or to make something looser.

We're on the last lap, so don't slacken!

propitiate (v.) [prəˋpɪʃɪ͵et]

to make someone who has been unfriendly or angry with you feel more friendly by doing something to please them 

They offered sacrifices to propitiate the gods.

Mediterranean (n.)  KK [͵mɛdətəˋrenɪən]

the largest inland sea; between Europe and Africa and Asia

Italy is a richly historied mediterranean country.


tripartite (a.)  KK [traɪˋpɑrtaɪt]

involving three countries or organizations ; consisting of three parts.

Promote tripartite partnership corporate social responsibilities.


converge (v.) 

KK [kənˋvɝdʒ]
come together so as to form a single product 
The roads converge just before the station.
omnipotent (a.)  KK [ɑmˋnɪpətənt]
able to do everything; having unlimited power 
The god is finite , and can not be omniscient , omnipotent. 

feudal(a.) KK [fjuˋdæləti]
relating to or characteristic of feudalism 
The system of feudal chinese prime ministers in china ' s ancient history. 


oarsman (n.)  KK [ˋorzmən]

someone who rows a boat

We had to admire his prowess as an oarsman / his rowing prowess 


irrigate (v.) KK [ˋɪrə͵get]

supply with water, as with channels or ditches or streams

The fields are irrigated so that the crops can grow.



pharaoh KK [ˋfɛro]

the title of the ancient Egypt kings

They got trapped inside the pharaoh ' s tomb. 

pastoral (a.) KK [ˋpæstərəl]
of or relating to a pastor; "pastoral work"; relating to shepherds or herdsmen or devoted to raising sheep or cattle
The priest makes pastoral visits every wednesday.

sophisticate  KK [səˋfɪstɪ͵ket] (n.)

a worldly-wise person (v.) make less natural or innocent

It is true you look fairly sophisticated. 

(n.) KK [ˋmɛlən͵kɑlɪ]

a feeling of thoughtful sadness; a constitutional tendency to be gloomy and depressed

Feelings of infinite melancholy stole over him. 

deportation (n.) KK [͵diporˋteʃən]

the expulsion from a country of an undesirable alien 

People who work illegally are liable to prosecution and deportation. 

citadel (n.) KK [ˋsɪtəd!] 

a stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle 

Some of the rebels were killed in the act of storming the citadel. 



decipherment (n.) KK [dɪˋsaɪfɚmənt]

the activity of making clear or converting from code into plain text

Readers ' criticism and decipherment of marx ' s works. 


subsequent (a.) KK [ˋsʌbsɪ͵kwɛnt]

following in time or order

On the day subsequent to his visit , she disappeared. 


rhetorical (adj.) KK [rɪˋtɔrɪk!]

written or spoken in a way that is impressive but is not hone

Rhetorical effect on flexible application of words.


protracted (adj.) KK [proˋtræktɪd]

Continuing for a long time, especially longer than is normal or necessary.

It was the beginning of a protracted duel.

manifestation (n.) KK [͵mænəfɛsˋteʃən]

evidence that something exists or is present; an occasion when a ghost or spirit appear.

A high fever is an early manifestation of the disease. 

aptitude (n.) KK [ˋæptə͵tjud]

Natural ability that makes it easy for you to do something well.

He has an unfortunate aptitude for saying the wrong thing. 

inexorably (adv.) KK [ɪnˋɛksərəblɪ]

Without remorse, ruthlessly.

The aches and pains begin as the ageing process inexorably sets in.


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