1)Bailout /ˈbā-ˌlat/  (n.)

1.the act of saving or rescuing something (such as a business) from money problems


Government bailouts of large corporations.


2)Allay /a-ˈlā, ə-/  (v.)

1.to subdue or reduce in intensity or severity :  alleviate  <expect a breeze to allay the heat>

2.to make quiet :  calm  <trying to allay their fears>

The new advertising campaign is an attempt to allay the public's concerns about the safety of the company's products.


3)Pledge /ˈplej/  (n.)

1. a serious promise or agreement

2.a promise to give money

3.something that you leave with another person as a way to show that you will keep your promise


To make a pledge or donation, please call the charity's office.


4)Collude /kə-ˈlüd/  (intransitive verb )

1.to work with others secretly especially in order to do something illegal or dishonest

The two companies had colluded to fix prices.


5)Faze /ˈfāz/  ( transitive verb )

1.to cause (someone) to feel afraid or uncertain

You'll never succeed as a writer if you let a little bit of criticism faze you.


6)Lionize /ˈlī-ə-ˌnīz/  (transitive verb )

1.to treat (someone) as a very important and famous person


She was lionized everywhere after her novel won the Pulitzer Prize.


7)Stance /ˈstan(t)s/  (n.)

1. a publicly stated opinion

2. a way of standing

The bombing was unlikely to force the government to change its stance.


8)Vilify /ˈvi-lə-ˌfī/  (transitive verb )

1. to lower in estimation or importance

2.to utter slanderous and abusive statements against :  defame


He was vilified in the press for his comments.


9)Contain /kən-ˈtān/  (v.)

1.to have (something) inside

2.to have or include (something)

3.to keep (something) from spreading : to keep (something) within limits


The article contains information on how to plan your retirement.


10)Specialist /ˈspe-sh(ə-)list/  (n.)

1.a person who has special knowledge and skill relating to a particular job, area of study, etc.

2.a doctor who deals with health problems that relate to a specific area of medicine

3.a rank in the U.S. Army that is above the rank of private and below the rank of corporal

She consulted a marketing specialist when she decided to go into business.


11)Downtrodden /ˈdan-ˈträ-dən/  (adj.)

1.without hope because of being treated badly by powerful people, governments, etc.


They were poor and downtrodden.


12)Cardinal /ˈkärd-nəl, ˈkär-də-/  (n.)

1.a priest of the Roman Catholic Church who ranks immediately below the Pope

2.a common North American bird



The Pope appointed two new cardinals this year.


13)Bond /ˈbänd/  (n.)

1.something (such as an idea, interest, experience, or feeling) that is shared between people or groups and forms a connection between them

finance : an official document in which a government or company promises to pay back an amount of money that it has borrowed and to pay interest for the borrowed money

2.a chain or rope that is used to prevent someone from moving or acting freely


Recent events have helped to strengthen the bonds between our two countries.


14)Ballot /ˈba-lət/  (n.)

1. a ticket or piece of paper used to vote in an election

2.a process that allows people to vote in secret so that other people cannot see their votes

3.the total number of votes in an election


She was elected by secret ballot.


15)Tally /ˈta-lē/  (n.)

1.a recorded count of scores, votes, etc.

2. a record of money that has been paid and money that has been received

3. a score or point made in a game or sport


Her second goal turned out to be the game-winning tally.


16)Seniority /sēn-ˈyr-ə-tē, -ˈyär-/  (n.)

1.the amount of time you have worked at a job or for a company compared to other employees

2.the state of having a higher rank than another person


He has worked here longer than I have, so he has seniority over me


17)Innate /i-ˈnāt, ˈi-ˌ/  (adj.)

1. existing from the time a person or animal is born

2.existing as part of the basic nature of something


She has an innate sense of rhythm.


18)Excursion /ik-ˈskər-zhən/  (n.)


a    :  a going out or forth :  expedition  
b (1)    :  a usually brief pleasure trip   (2)    :  a trip at special reduced rates
2.deviation from a direct, definite, or proper course; especially    :  digression  <needless excursions into abstruse theory>
3.a movement outward and back or from a mean position or axis; also    :  the distance traversed :  amplitude  <the excursion of a piston>
They went on a brief excursion to the coast.
19)Facility /fə-ˈsi-lə-tē/  (n.)
1.something (such as a building or large piece of equipment) that is built for a specific purpose
2.something that makes an action, operation, or activity easier
3.skill and ease in doing something
The facilities are at the end of the corridor.
20)Convention /kən-ˈven(t)-shən/  (n.)
1.a large meeting of people who come to a place for usually several days to talk about their shared work or other interests or to make decisions as a group
2.a custom or a way of acting or doing things that is widely accepted and followed

3.a traditional or common style often used in literature, theater, or art to create a particular effect


It's important to follow the conventions of punctuation in a paper for school.


21)Incentive /in-ˈsen-tiv/  (n.)

1.something that encourages a person to do something or to work harder


The rising cost of electricity provides a strong incentive to conserve energy.


22)Customize /ˈkəs-tə-ˌmīz/  (transitive verb )

1.to change (something) in order to fit the needs or requirements of a person, business, etc.


The telephone company has offered to customize a plan for our business.


23)Pamper /ˈpam-pər/  (transitive verb )

1.archaic    :  to cram with rich food :  glut

a    :  to treat with extreme or excessive care and attention <pampered their guests>  
b    :  gratify,  humor  <enabled him to pamper his wanderlust  — New Yorker>
He was pampered all his life and doesn't know how to function in the real world.
24)Magnificent /-sənt/  (adj.)
1.great in deed or exalted in place —used only of former famous rulers <Lorenzo the Magnificent>
2.marked by stately grandeur and lavishness <a magnificent way of life>
3.sumptuous in structure and adornment <a magnificent cathedral>; broadly    :  strikingly beautiful or impressive <a magnificent physique>
4.impressive to the mind or spirit :  sublime  <magnificent prose>
5.exceptionally fine <a magnificent day>
He gave a magnificent performance.
25)Camaraderie /ˌkäm-ˈrä-d(ə-)rē, ˌkam-, ˌkä-mə-, ˌka-, -ˈra-/  (n.)
1.a feeling of good friendship among the people in a group
They have developed a real camaraderie after working together for so long.


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